Lob Law/ jr. Meowzer split

by Lob Law

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released April 3, 2013

All these songs were written by Lob Law
Lob Law is Marcus Menendez-Aponte, Derek Spear, Daniel Hanson
Produced by Daniel Hanson

Lead Guitar on tracks 1 and 2 by Sagar Verma
Cover photo taken by and featuring Greg Hughes' skinny ass legs



all rights reserved


Lob Law Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Oh, Shit
Oh, shit. I smoke to much weed. I'm too fucking dependent on way to many things. The only thing that's true is that I don't know a thing. I'm totally lost. God damn, it happened again. Thought I was in the clear but then I lost another friend. Was it cause what I did or all the stupid shit I said? I don't know I'm totally lost. My god, I'm just a fucking fiend. Trying to contrast what I want and what I need. Nothing really matters and that is all that I can see. I'm totally lost.
Track Name: eh
Each day I wonder a little bit more how you still don't know that I'm pathetic, I'm desperate, have no friends. I was born to be left alone. One day I know you will realize that you should have just ignored your phone. And it's all my fault. Every word I've said, mostly mistakes, my god I fucking know it's all my fault..........................................................................
I'm just a ball of eternal (hate) I hate just about everything.
Oh it's kind of hard to love anything especially me, when I hate everything.
Oh its kind of hard to love anything like me, when I hate everything.
Track Name: Protest Poops
If nothing really matters when you're here than nothing really matters when I'm six years old, so I'm six years old. And if nothing really matters when you're winnning, nothing really matters when I've lost. So I'm Losing myself inside my phone. I'm staring at the clock. Thinking what I've got to do. You know, I'll wait to flush, because you know, I dont want to! I've been wondering a question I know the answer to.
"What time is it?"
It's time to smoke another cigarette. I've got to many hours on this shift. You know Ive been sitting on the toilet on my phone just trying to kill these minutes. OH! Smoke another cigarette! I've got to many hours of this shit. If I die it's all your god damn fault. Killing time getting paid shit, and what for?