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we figured it out. (bandcamp, that is)


released December 31, 2011

These songs were written by Marcus Menendez-Aponte (Straight Up Gangsta was written by Eduardo Alfredo Hernandez). These songs were recorded by Daniel Hanson at his house. Anything we were ever able to accomplish is thanks to beer and red bull.


tags: punk Orlando


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Lob Law Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Fabricate
Im sorry that your time is not enough and Im sorry that effects the way you think of us, lets go! Keep telling me about that girl you fucked. I'm sure she looked like she was made inside of a factory that was split in two. They make girls like that and boys like you. With their minds set on one thing. that one thing's nothing. I guess its sex. It must be so frustrating for a boy like you to always be thinking about sex! But its OK. Your dad can pay and you can brag about how you got laid.
I bet you think if you covered yourself in a hundred dollar bills you could be happy. So you'd kill, you'd cheat and you'd steal, you'd do whatever it takes to live "successfully"! Whatever the fuck that means. It's so much different to me. I just want to be happy!!!!!!
Track Name: Straight Up Gangsta
It was that day elementary school when we were all children and were asked to say who our favorite musician was so I thought long and hard. I thought about what made an impression on me. I liked swag, I liked style and I didn't think the real thing should be questioned if it's authentic. if It breathes and talks and thinks and walks then let it.
so i said I like Jay-Z!
DMX made a popular album. Some kid who was fat like me, he laughed at me, he and some people were backing DMX and I said "Hey man, no problems, DMX is doing his thing thats cool with me but me i like Jay Z" so who's the mogul? I still like my chances.
Track Name: Kees, I Think I Want to be a Hobo
I want to be a hobo because eighteen years is way to fucking old to be living just to work, working just to pay the rent, and paying the rent because they told me to. I want to leave the USA so i can live in separate states. hoping on old beat freight trains with an old guitar and two old friends of mine. who are strangers just like me. Just two kids trying to forget that someone else has predetermined what success is supposed to be.
So I want to be a hobo. I want to be a homeless person. I to try to forget that Im neck deep in someone elses shit. I'm gonna remind my self that i can dig, and I will.